Our new name and logo. Under the name of BOHEMANIA we are opening e-shop.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in NEW sometime in May 2018!

St. Nicholas celebrationdetail

On December 5th, at 1700, Kamila and the Tribu team will host their annual St. Nicholas celebration in the shop. Please drop by for music by the American composer Michael Delia, some hearty wine, and special sales.


12th Birthday Celebrationdetail

♥ inviting all our friends and customers to come by the shop on Thursday September 15th, between 18 and 20, for a drink, some shopping, and a little surprise.  All day we’ll have sales on many of our lines.  We very much look forward to raising a glass with you.


Filming: Praho, má lásko (Prague, my love)detail

The shoot for Prague, My Love took place in August 2010 in and around Tribu, starring Martha Issová as the shop assistant, and including a colourful cast of characters, among them, a Franciscan monk, a few neonazis, and, not least, our beloved Nové Město police, as you will see in the location shots below.  Now in post-production, look for the Bontonfilm release in the fall of 2012.

The Vernisage for Damien Mitchelldetail

TRIBU has the garden but no shop window on a street, so we got the world-wise street artist and dog owner Damien Mitchell to paint one for us – inside the shop.  We unveiled his extraordinary mural – a black and white rendering of his dog František and Frantisek’s view of the garden in June.  Please do drop by to check it out.

6th Birthdaydetail

TRIBU boutique is one year older but not shy about it at all!
Come celebrate the end of summer and have fun with us in the Františkánská zahrada in the center. Ocean Versus Daughter will be playing for you.