Concrete earringsdetail

Concrete earrings, gilded with 24 carat gold leaf, hardware in stainless steel. Design Jitka Malíková.

Origami Jewellerydetail

The Japanese art of origami is feather light.  Our exclusive line of Origami Jewellery, from the Paris designers of Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac is more than that.  Whether you choose the Pegasus, the Rabit, or the Horse, we guarantee that it will lift you off the ground.

Bohemania – ÓM Béretdetail

Our 100% wool ÓM Béret from Bohemania is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. It’s truly divine headgear. The caps are made in the traditional way from 100% wool. Designed for women, men, and children, they’re roomy enough for the wearer to innovate. You can wear them as a beret, a toque, a ski hat, or a watch cap. Let your own ingenuity surprise you.

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Beverley Pricedetail

The decorative arts in South Africa have a long tradition of taking inspiration from the street. Anything can become jewelry – soda cans and bottle tops, for instance. South African designer Beverly Price does that, but with such artistry that her pieces are in the collection of New York’s Museum of Arts and Design and are worn Graca Machel, the widow of South African President Nelson Mandela. These are bright, yet subtle pieces that will elegantly accent your wardrobe.


BAGGU makes simple, durable, high quality nylon bags in many bright colors and patterns. They are very versatile, so you can create a personal collection.

Disposable plastic shopping bags are history. The eco-aware woman goes shopping with a fabric bag, but the eco-aware woman of style goes shopping with a BAGGU bag.

Antoine et Lilidetail

have the most sophisticated palette of colours and are beloved for their work silk, linen, wool, and cotton.  Their cut is precise, their appreciation for the line of a woman’s body is unmatched.


O.K. Prague is all crazy about these deer jewellery. We offer big choice of pins, earings, headbands or pendats with deer design. Come and pick your own “friend”. Each is original and even has its own name.